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ATX Solar Solutions is a family-owned and -operated business with 13 years of combined experience. We have been serving the residents of Austin and Central Texas area for many years. We became an LLC in 2014. We're accredited by the BBB and certified by the NABCEP, licensed by TX TECL 31170.


Top-Quality Solar Energy Systems

Solar systems that we install will help harness solar energy and can be used by applications both small and large. All solar systems and materials that we install are weatherproofed and we use only the highest-quality APsystems microinverters.


Solar Maintenance ServiceS

  • Panel clearing

  • Performance verification

  • Regular maintenance

  • Annual testing


Let Our Professionals Fix Your Solar Panel Systems

If you have a solar energy system that is not performing as it should or if your existing system is completely broken down, you can rely on the professional team at ATX Solar Solutions to provide you with appropriate solutions that meet your needs

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We offer affordable solutions for clean energy. Contact us today for information on financing plans to save on your bills and create a better tomorrow! 

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